Ace of Pentacles, Two of Pentacles, and Three of Pentacles – Does Love Begin?


Have you ever drawn any of the first three cards in the Pentacles deck when asking about love and relationships? Let’s find out what these cards have to say to you through this article!

Ace of Pentacles

Description: What you desire is right beside you.

The Ace of Pentacles promises stability and security. However, don’t rely too much on this meaning because it relates to the early stages of the process. In other words, the appearance of the Ace of Pentacles signifies that your new plans will go smoothly. Similarly in love, this card shows that everything between the two of you is progressing positively. But the Ace of Pentacles doesn’t necessarily mean that both parties are fully committed and bound to each other. The only certainty is that both of you are practical and consider this a physical, materialistic, or potential relationship. Therefore, you will strive to be together to achieve what you desire. In addition, sometimes the Ace of Pentacles implies that one person has financial capabilities and will help the other person with money. Keywords in this relationship are offers and gifts.

The Ace of Pentacles is a very interesting card when it comes to emotions in love because, in this matter, it has two different meanings. The most common explanation is that the other person really likes you, but their feelings towards you are related to materialistic reality rather than love. This can lead to both positive and negative intentions from them. Let’s analyze the first case.

As mentioned above, the Ace of Pentacles represents material possessions. This can be related to your personal self. Specifically, if you let the other person know about you and what you possess, the card confirms that they see you as a potential wife/girlfriend, someone practical and necessary. In summary, their approach to you is good.

If you talk to them about your income, house, or valuable assets, the Ace of Pentacles shows that in their eyes, you are someone who can financially help them achieve what they desire. In the end, the card suggests that they only love your money!

And of course, the reversed Ace of Pentacles carries a negative meaning. In general, it implies that the two of you will encounter many obstacles as you start something together or it will only lead to failure. In other words, both of you will not achieve the desired result. The reversed card also implies financial loss. This means that one person will spend a lot of money just to please the other person. Lastly, the card also suggests rejection of emotions.

Two of Pentacles

Description: You are entering a routine.

The Two of Pentacles is generally easy to understand. However, in love, depending on what is happening between the two of you, this card can have two meanings.

If both of you are very busy with your personal lives and are struggling to maintain a connection, the Two of Pentacles shows that you are going through many difficulties. You are not making an effort to sustain the “spark” in this relationship. The sweet period has passed and everything seems to be becoming mundane. Both parties may be feeling bored in this relationship or in their personal lives. Nevertheless, the Two of Pentacles advises that both of you take some time off and enjoy life more. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should break up. All you need to do is arrange a special date or have a romantic trip together to nurture your feelings. However, depending on the other cards in the spread, the Two of Pentacles can also indicate that the couple is maintaining a good relationship while enjoying their own lives. In the end, no one gets tired of the usual busyness.

The second meaning of the Two of Pentacles relates to decision making. This relationship can continue, but the card indicates that the couple has not yet decided whether this love affair will lead to marriage or not. In this case, both parties are constantly reconsidering the decision to get married. Sometimes they want to be together forever, while other times they feel that they are not meant for each other. Similarly to emotions, the Two of Pentacles shows us a confused heart. In other words, this person cannot decide whether they should focus on the romantic feelings towards the person they are interested in or not.

The reversed Two of Pentacles indicates that something is going beyond limits. It seems that the couple is facing many difficulties in maintaining the relationship along with their personal lives to the point that they only want one and end the other. However, a breakup will not happen. It is just that the couple wants to focus on one thing. That’s why both the relationship and personal life will have interruptions. To decide on marriage or other emotions, one of these two things will be put aside.

Three of Pentacles

Description: Starting to make plans.

The upright Three of Pentacles is a story about different people working on a common task. Look closely at the card, and you will see that two monks are discussing with an architect about construction matters. In reality, this is about creating values. It is similar to a stage in a relationship when both parties need to start planning for the desired destination from the current starting point. Similarly, if there are any conflicts, the Three of Pentacles suggests a compromise between the two.

The Three of Pentacles is a positive card when it comes to emotions because it simply implies that the person you are interested in also likes you. It seems like you meet all the criteria of their dream lover. Moreover, if their feelings towards you are deep, the card shows that they want to move closer in this relationship. However, if you are dating or getting to know this person, and the Three of Pentacles appears in the future position of the spread, it indicates that the two of you will meet more often to start a full-fledged relationship.

The reversed Three of Pentacles indicates a delay. In love, this means that the intention to build a relationship will not happen. Both parties are too passive. Additionally, the card may refer to such a great difference between the two of you that they can’t even understand each other. In conclusion, if any disagreements occur, it will be difficult for them to reach a compromise.

In terms of emotions, the reversed Three of Pentacles suggests a pause. The person you are interested in no longer has feelings for you because they suddenly realize that you don’t have the special qualities they desire.